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CBC Sport Streaming
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CBC Sport Streaming

Cbc Sport


CBC Sport channel within the body of SOCAR Group of Companies joined the broadcasting life with the aim of continuing its broadcasting activities on August 9, 2015. The channel has its broadcasting center in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. . Volkan Uuml;st, whom we know from NTV and NTV Spor channels, is the chairman of the board of directors of the channel.

CBC Sport channel is a sports channel that features up-to-date sports news and important sports fights. Thanks to this channel, you can be instantly informed about the hottest developments in the sports world and have the opportunity to follow the important struggles of all sports branches much more closely. CBC Sport has managed to gather the great admiration of sports fans in a short time.


If you are a fan of sports and you are asking yourself the question of what is on TV today, the right channel for you is CBC Sport. The  tv broadcast stream of the CBC Sport channel  is organized by showing that many sports branches are given the same proportion. You can follow everything about sports up-to-date on this channel, which is followed by sports in our country. In addition to these, young It has brought a new breath to the audience by expanding the perceptions in encouraging individuals to  sports and following the new developments in the field of sports.

With our programs colored with the contribution of prominent sports commentators, you can witness the nakedness of all the realities experienced behind the scenes of sports. The reinterpretation of the positions in the competitions by the best commentators and all the discussions about the sport will increase your individual potential. You will find everything that will change your thoughts about sports on this channel.

You should also listen to the comments of the most important sportsmen and the new player changes made in the football world at CBC Sport. Problems, developments and transfers in both local and big teams will be presented to us in all their reality in this program. It is seen that the most important reason why this channel is watched more than other TV channels is the entertaining presentation of the humid sports announcers and the fluency during the broadcasting. < /p>


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